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Acne scars are the result of too much or too little tissue production during an acne breakout. If you have lingering acne scars, board-certified physician Roger W. Shortz, MD, of Integrity Aesthetics MD in Pleasant Hill, California, can help. Dr. Shortz offers advanced fractional laser treatments, so acne scars can quickly become a thing of your past. Start your path to smoother, scar-free skin by booking a consultation online or by calling the office to schedule.

Acne Scars Q & A

What causes acne scars?

Having a pimple here and there doesn’t usually lead to scarring. It’s the deep, painful cysts and nodules that tend to leave their mark on your skin forever. Acne scars develop because of one primary reason: tissue and collagen formation — either too much or not enough.

Collagen is that connective tissue that keeps your skin tight, firm, and supple. When you have a breakout, your skin tries to heal itself by creating new tissues, including collagen. However, if too much collagen builds up too quickly, you wind up getting those raised scars.

Alternatively, if your skin just doesn’t produce collagen fast enough, or if you had large nodules that damaged the deepest layers of your skin, your skin starts to sink where that acne blemish once was. As a result, you develop those sunken scars, such as ice pick or boxcar scars.

When should I see a doctor for acne scars?

Thanks to advancements in modern medical laser systems, you don’t have to learn to live with unsightly acne scars. You should see Dr. Shortz at Integrity Aesthetics MD if your acne scars are:

  • Making you feel embarrassed
  • Difficult to hide under makeup
  • Continuing to worsen
  • Red or swollen

Dr. Shortz personalizes your acne scar treatment plan, so you can get your healthier, smoother skin back without pain or surgery.

How are acne scars treated?

Treating acne scars involves going through fractional laser treatments at Integrity Aesthetics MD. Fractional laser energy, which is more gentle than ablative treatments, penetrates through your skin and heats the underlying tissues to therapeutic levels.

This effect stimulates your collagen-making bundles to produce even more collagen and new skin tissues from the deepest layers. For optimal results, especially if you have more stubborn acne scars or very old acne scars, Dr. Shortz could recommend a package of up to five monthly fractional laser acne scar treatments. With each passing day after your sessions, your acne scars gradually fade away.

You won’t have to live another day with embarrassing acne scars once you start treatment at Integrity Aesthetics MD. Schedule your acne scar consultation online or over the phone.

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